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I am writing a DelegatingMetaClass that I would like to apply to all groovy classes in my project, but I do not how to get hold of all classes in the project?

Here is the code:

 This will work ok, since I know Foo beforehand, but what about classes 
 that do not exist yet?
 def myMetaClass = new DelegatingMetaClass(Foo.class)
 InvokerHelper.metaRegistry.setMetaClass(Foo.class, myMetaClass)    

 how to do this?
      def myMetaClass = new DelegatingMetaClass(it)
      InvokerHelper.metaRegistry.setMetaClass(it, myMetaClass)  

 class SimpleInterceptor extends DelegatingMetaClass{

 public SimpleInterceptor(final Class aclass) {

 public Object getProperty(Object object, String prop) {
     println ("I am in a property interceptor!!!")
   return super.getProperty(object, prop)

 public Object invokeMethod(Object a_object, String a_methodName, Object[] a_arguments)
     println ("I am in a method interceptor!!!")
     return super.invokeMethod(a_object, a_methodName, a_arguments) 
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There's an example of how to do this in java, which should also work with groovy. I think it's a sketchy way to do it though.

What's you goal?

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I'm trying to use interception for AOP style programming. – Dan Apr 27 '10 at 15:05

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