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I'm writing the audio part of a game, and I'm using OpenAL. I want to use some extensions, but the tests always fail:

TRACE: AudioManager - Sound device: 'Generic Software'
TRACE: AudioManager - Enabling OpenAL extensions...
TRACE: AudioManager - Compressor support: NO
TRACE: AudioManager - Reverb support: YES
TRACE: AudioManager - Chorus support: NO
TRACE: AudioManager - Distortion support: NO
TRACE: AudioManager - Echo support: NO
TRACE: AudioManager - Flanger support: NO
TRACE: AudioManager - Frequency shifter support: NO
TRACE: AudioManager - Vocal morpher support: NO
TRACE: AudioManager - Pitch shifter support: NO
TRACE: AudioManager - Ring modulator support: NO
TRACE: AudioManager - AutoWAH support: NO
TRACE: AudioManager - Equalizer support: NO
TRACE: AudioManager - EAX Reverb support: YES

This is because I only get the Generic Software driver, which only supports reverb and EAX reverb. And not just on my machine, but others as well.

Here's how I detect the drivers for OpenAL to use:

ALchar device[256];
ZeroMemory(device, 256);
if (alcIsExtensionPresent(NULL, "ALC_ENUMERATE_ALL_EXT"))
    strcpy_s(device, 256, alcGetString(NULL, ALC_ALL_DEVICES_SPECIFIER));
else if (alcIsExtensionPresent(NULL, "ALC_ENUMERATION_EXT"))
    strcpy_s(device, 256, alcGetString(NULL, ALC_DEVICE_SPECIFIER));

TRACE_AUDIOMANAGER("Sound device: '%s'", device);

g_System = alcOpenDevice(device);

According to the specification, the device specifier should return two drivers: 'Generic Hardware' and 'Generic Software', separated by a NULL terminator.

My sound card is an "NVIDIA High Definition Audio" device which is using the nvhda32v.sys driver (version, updated on 11-11-2009).

Why doesn't OpenAL detect my hardware?

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If alcGetString() returns "Generic Software\0Generic Hardware\0\0" your code will completely ignore the second one –  Tomaka17 Jul 19 '10 at 17:37
Except it doesn't. It only returns Generic Software. –  knight666 Jul 20 '10 at 16:09

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are you sure you check the next string, because alcGetString(NULL, ALC_DEVICE_SPECIFIER) returns string array, try like this:

char* devices = (char*)alcGetString(NULL, ALC_DEVICE_SPECIFIER);
while(devices && *devices !=NULL)
    ALCdevice* device = alcOpenDevice(devices);
    devices += strlen(devices) + 1; //next device
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OpenAL should always return the default audio device, unless you are using a Creative audio card. The extensions are all Creative-specific. It's the same as expecting to get Intel-specific OpenGL extension on an NVIDIA videocard.

For the record, here's how you set up OpenAL:

// create a default device
ALCdevice* device = alcOpenDevice("");
if (!device)
    LOG_ERROR("Could not create OpenAL device.");
    return false;

// context attributes, 2 zeros to terminate 
ALint attribs[6] = {
    0, 0

ALCcontext* context = alcCreateContext(device, attribs);
if (!context)
    LOG_ERROR("Could not create OpenAL context.");
    return false;

if (!alcMakeContextCurrent(context))
    LOG_ERROR("Could not enable OpenAL context.");
    return false;

LOG_INFO("[OpenAL] Version: %s", alGetString(AL_VERSION));
LOG_INFO("[OpenAL] Vendor: %s", alGetString(AL_VENDOR));
LOG_INFO("[OpenAL] Renderer: %s", alGetString(AL_RENDERER));
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for those who are still looking for a way to get all devices //except output - stil generic, works for input well//

public:int* CHECK_DEVICES_IN(int MAX_DEVICES) { int devices=0; char* device[MAX_DEVICES]; int checked=0; while(devices<=MAX_DEVICES&&checked } checked++; } return devices; /* int returned=0; while(returned

  public:ALchar* DEVICES_IN(int REQUIRED)
   { ALchar* result="0";
     ALchar* device=(ALchar*)alcGetString(NULL,ALC_CAPTURE_DEVICE_SPECIFIER);
     int POS=0;
     while(device && device!=NULL && strlen(device)>0 && POS<=REQUIRED)
      { if(POS==REQUIRED)
         { result=device; }
     return result;
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There is no "Generic Hardware" device on Vista: http://connect.creativelabs.com/openal/OpenAL%20Wiki/OpenAL%C2%AE%20and%20Windows%20Vista%E2%84%A2.aspx


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Please don't post links to answers - if the link becomes unavailable or it's moved then this response becomes invalid. –  ajtrichards Dec 15 '12 at 23:29

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