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I need to make a small test program in java which has to communicate with remote Windows server using telnet, or openSSH. Which library would you suggest to use? I'd like to use a well documented and stable library.

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possible duplicate of SSH library for Java – Pascal Thivent Jun 14 '10 at 21:01
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I would use JSch (and do).
It's not too large to learn quickly. It's used in:

  1. Ant(1.6 or later).
  2. JSch has been used for Ant's sshexec and scp tasks.
  3. Eclipse(3.0).
  4. Our Eclipse-CVSSSH2 plug-in has been included in Eclipse SDK 3.0. This plug-in will allow you to get ssh2 accesses to remote CVS repository by JSch.
  5. NetBeans 5.0(and later)
  6. Jakarta Commons VFS
  7. Maven Wagon
  8. Rational Application Devloper for WebSphere Software
  9. HP Storage Essentials
  10. JIRA

and, it has X-forwarding and such to work with Linux.

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Since you also asked about Telnet Commons Net provides an implementation.

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not sure if you still need a solution but I made something simple (and EXTREMELY limited in scope) that might help – Boon Dec 31 '12 at 7:47

I can also recommend JTA, the Java Terminal Adapter. Very nice plugin architecture if you have to add value to it.

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