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I was looking at some jQuery UI code, a found a weird behavior there:

jQuery.ui||(function(a){ /*... */ })(jQuery);;

The logical OR is clear for me, the function wrapper (still searching the correct name for it), too, but why two semicolons?

Thanks in advance


EDIT: Just found a another weird thing: In the version on google apis is only one semicolon. But when you create your on build on http://jqueryui.com/download, there are two semicolons.

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Probably a build error. Something that gets omitted between the two semicolons? –  Jakob Kruse Apr 27 '10 at 15:42

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Breaking it down:

// make sure that any previous statements are properly closed
// this is handy when concatenating files, for example
// Call the jQuery.ui object, or, if it does not exist, create it
jQuery.ui || (function($) { 


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Typo? I cannot think of any valid reason.

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That must either be a bug or a misunderstanding. Two consecutive semicolons do not make sense.

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