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I have a ascx page on load of the page I save few data in the HttpContext Session, on selection of data in the screen I reload the page with relevant data for the selection. Until here the data in the session exists. But on click of a button say ok button to navigate to next page. all the data in the session is lost. But the same works in windows 7 and windows server 2008 not in windows XP. are there any configuration difference in windows 7 and XP. I am trying to figure out the cause for some time now any help on this would be great.



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We need to see your web.config, specifically the sessionState section.

There are a number of reasons you could be losing your session data... are you sure your app domain is not recycling?

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Thaks for the reply. How do i know if app domain and worker process is not recycling –  ARV Apr 27 '10 at 10:14
Easiest way to check is to put a log message of some kind in App_Start. You can also use Perfmon I'm sure, but I couldn't tell you which counter it is. –  Bryan Apr 28 '10 at 18:43
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