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I have a tooltip that has a link to an anchor but it seems like it is not going to the right anchor. Rollover the person and click on the "[+]" inside the tooltip.

To view the sample click here

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Why are you using background images for the pictures of the people you are talking about? They are content! Use <img>! –  Quentin Apr 26 '10 at 19:37

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It's because of this:

<a id="david" ...>

on the links. That's the first match for a #david URL - that will match either an id or a name. The <a name=... anchors lower down the document are being ignored.

You need to rename either the ids or the names, so that there's only one element with an id of david, or one anchor with a name of david.

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There are two anchors with the same identifier.

The first using the modern approach:

<a id="laurence" title="Laurence Rabino - Web Multimedia">Laurence Rabino</a>

and the second using the Netscape 4 compatible approach (which, for some reason, is contentless):

<a name="laurence"></a>

The browser scrolls to the first one.

Change the identifiers so they don't conflict.

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The problem is that you have all of your id's defined for the div's that contain everyone's picture. For example:

<a id="laurence">Laurence Rabino</a>

You need to move the ID's down to their appropriate locations in the "summary" section, so that when you click on one it links to that person's information. For example:

<p id="laurence">
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