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I use settings.php to store general settings for my application. When I load this settings file, I can use the variables defined in settings.php in the script itself, but not within any functions I define in it.

For example, in my class definition, myclass.php:

$preIP = dirname(__FILE__);
require_once( "preIP/settings.php" );

class MyClass {
  public function foo() {
    echo $variable_from_settings;

The code in the function foo() will not work (the variable will not be defined).

The settings.php file looks like this:

$variable_from_settings = "bar";


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How about putting

global $variable_from_settings


echo $variable_from_settings;
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You could do the following if you don't want to put global $variable_from_settings; everywhere.

echo $GLOBALS['variable_from_settings'];

However it's probably better to use a singleton to contain your settings as suggested in http://stackoverflow.com/questions/834491/create-superglobal-variables-in-php

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