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I'm trying to call this COM method:

Public Function DoSomething(ByRef StringStuff As Variant, **ByRef Out_Data As Variant**) As Boolean

Out_Data gets defined and populated in the method body as an ADODB.Recordset (2.6).

I've tried several different ways I can think of, but still can't seem to get that recordset object out, or in for that matter.

Any ideas?


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Can you call it using ref or out?

Object StringStuff = "Hello Word";
Object Out_Data = null;
DoSomething(ref StringStuff, ref Out_Data);
// or
DoSomething(out StringStuff, out Out_Data);

//I haven't use ADODB in a long while so convert this to whatever type is necessary
ADODB.Recordset ar = (ADODB.Recordset)Out_Data;
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