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I am not a .net programmer, so please bare with me. I have created a website survey that is in the footer of our site. Obviously the footer is on every page within our site.

There is a link in the footer that opens a very basic include via jQuery toggle. (form.aspx)

Once the form is submitted it is sent to another page that is not using jQuery toggle for processing (processing-form.aspx). Which takes the user away from the page they might be visiting.

What can i do to keep the user experience in tact and not have to process on another page, and redirect back, or make a link "click here to return to the page you were on"..etc..etc...


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What you want to do is to have your survey process the form submission via AJAX, which will allow it to be processed without a full round trip to the server. Once the form is submitted, you can then use your jQuery code to hide the form.

A nice article about accomplishing such a task can be found here.

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Use an HTTP handler instead of a separate page, and use jQuery to make an asynchronous call to the page and display some sort of "Thank you for responding" message in place of your survey.


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