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I need to have key fields with a '.' in them. Is there a way to do it? (I am unable to encode them)

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There are some good solutions given here - – Half Blood Prince Mar 14 at 6:28

From the MongoDB docs "the '.' character must not appear anywhere in the key name". It looks like you'll have to come up with an encoding scheme or do without.

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For PHP I substitute the HTML value for the period. That's ".".

It stores in MongoDB like this:

  "validations" : {
     "4e25adbb1b0a55400e030000" : {
     "associate" : "true" 
     "4e25adb11b0a55400e010000" : {
       "associate" : "true" 

and the PHP code...

  $entry = array('associate' => $associate);         
  $data = array( '$set' => array( 'validations.' . str_replace(".", `"."`, $validation) => $entry ));     
  $newstatus = $collection->update($key, $data, $options);      
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