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I have a dev workstation with sql 2005 installed and in it I created a linked server to a odbc connection to a clarion database. I can run select statements against it inside sql Mgt studio. When I take a second workstation and connect to the sql on the first box using sql mgt studio, then try the exact same query I get

OLE DB provider "MSDASQL" for linked server "liveclarion" returned message "[SoftVelocity Inc.][TopSpeed ODBC Driver][ISAM]ISAM Table Not Found".

Any thoughts? It appears to have the same functionality on a second sql server. No remote sql mgt studio connect success in queries against my linked ODBC clarion DB.

All done with windows authentication and the same AD user.

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The error returned by the ODBC driver is "SAM table not found".

So I'm assuming you have a table called SAM - presumably in a table called Sam.Tps?

I'm wondering if you need to set a path to that file - ie if there's some difference in path or file name validity between your two tests. One assumes not, but I'd look in that direction first.

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Thanks for you reply. I don't think you understand. This works fine when I connect using sql mgt studio on the box that has the sql instance running on it. But when I use a second box and run sql mgt studio to connect to the box that has the DB, it doesn't work. It is the same DB just connecting from a remote box using sql mgt studio. Also It is ISAM not SAM. ISAM stands for Indexed Sequential Access Method. –  user93383 Apr 27 '10 at 16:19
oh gosh, yeah, I missed the I. I get that it works on the server, but not a remote. I've not done this before, but I'm wondering if the ISAM file is handled by the server, or by the Sql Mgmt Studio. On the server box, can you run a query, using the ISAM table from a program other than Sql Mgmt Studio? –  Bruce Apr 28 '10 at 4:03
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