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Can iText render PDF documents in Swing application ? Or do I have to use another library/framework for that?

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iText is for producing PDF files programmatically (e.g. converting from HTML to PDF, or producing PDF reports.)

To view PDF you could use a library like ICEpdf

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I am starting to lean away from ICEpdf... we pay for it, but every time so far where a PDF file hasn't rendered correctly, it turns out to be a "new feature", at which point they give a quote for an immense amount of money for a custom fix. Not a great experience so far... but I guess it works for "most" files. –  Trejkaz Jul 29 '11 at 6:11
I've no experience with ICEpdf, but recently I've used pdf-jet. The free version is fairly low to medium level, but it got the job done for what I needed it for - a simple report. pdfjet.com. Most things have to be specified as co-ordinates, so using a swing layout might make sense for complex layouts. I just computed the co-ords for my use case. –  mdma Jul 30 '11 at 0:36

There is also an open source/commercial versions of JPedal and Suns PDFRenderer.

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