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How would it be possible to integrate Xcode with GitHub?

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Duplicate. Searching for 'xcode github' leads to the post below. – Chuck Vose Apr 27 '10 at 1:07
Well, the OP said gitHub, not git. I don't know about now but back when this was posted you had to do all sort of voodoo to get Xcode to work with an external repo like gitHub (…). – Julian Apr 26 '12 at 19:34
I agree with Julian, why is this marked duplicate? Xcode has an inbuilt git mechanism, but how that can be connected to github is a separate issue. – P i Feb 13 '15 at 13:16
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I think the question might be related to github and not git... in which case I will suggest to use an Xcode plugin (using Alcatraz) which allow to show a source file on github directly from Xcode. – Hugues BR Oct 2 '14 at 4:25

People I know use the git-osx-installer to get the tools. This includes a tool that lets you open the Git GUI from the current folder in the finder.

I am no aware of a plug-in for Xcode. Here are some guidelines for setting up your Git to work better with Xcode projects.

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A lot has happened in the world of Xcode & Git/GitHub since the original question and answers.

See this article re setting up a GitHub remote repository in Xcode.

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think I found the Xcode way to push a existing project to GitHub or any other remote repository!


I assume that you have a project created by Xcode 4 with a local git repository. You created an empty remote git repository (I call it RemoteRepository in in the following example)

Push it to remote

  1. Open the Organizer in Xcode an go to the Repositories tab
  2. At first click on Remotes and then on "Add Remote"

enter image description here

  1. Enter a Remote Name and the Location of your remote repository and click on create

enter image description here

  1. Then select your project and open File -> Source Control -> Push ...

enter image description here

  1. Select your remote repository and wait until it is connectable! Look for the Create in the brackets.

enter image description here

  1. Now your old project is published to GitHub

enter image description here

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