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Is it possible for two different Grails project, also having different domains, to share a session/cookie?

Let's say I have 2 sites: www.mycompany.com, and, www.othercompany.com. Assume that both sites are having same domains, and same database and records too. What I want to know is if this code:


or even the


will behave and return exactly the same object/result whether it is called in either of the site.

Basically, what we need is a solution for sharing/identifying logged in user between two different sites. Need more details on how to implement this using acegi 0.5.2 and grails 1.2.1.

Hoping for any leads on this. Thank you.

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Regarding cross-domain authentication the only thing that comes into my mind is using a single-sign-on service. There are a few open-source SSO implementations available, among them:

This list is by far not complete. Speaking of CAS it definitly works with Grails and Acegi.

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