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How to read the CountryName and CurrencyName from the following XML using XDocument

    <MappingLayer CountryName ="US" CurrencyName="Dollar"></MappingLayer>
    <MappingLayer CountryName ="UK" CurrencyName="Pound"></MappingLayer>
    <MappingLayer CountryName ="Argentina" CurrencyName="Peso"></MappingLayer>    

The desired output being

CountryName : US CurrencyName:Dollar
CountryName : UK CurrencyName:Pound
CountryName : Argentina CurrencyName:Peso

I am using C#3.0 and dotnet framework 3.5


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XDocument xmldoc = XDocument.Parse(YourXmlString,LoadOptions.PreserveWhitespace);
XElement XCountryCurrency= xmldoc.Element("CountryCurrencyMapping");

StringBuilder sbCountry = new StringBuilder("");

foreach (var item in XCountryCurrency.Elements())
 sbCountry.Append("CountryName : " +  item.Attribute("CountryName").Value().ToString());
 sbCountry.Append("CurrencyName: " +  item.Attribute("CurrencyName").Value().ToString());
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I got the answer

foreach (XElement element in doc.Root.Nodes())
                string h1 = element.Attribute("CountryName").Value;
                string h2 = element.Attribute("CurrencyName").Value;



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