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I have used the following code for spelling checking.

While I am running it, I get an DLLFileNotFound exception:

"Hunspell Intel 32Bit DLL not found: C:\project\splee\Hunspellx86.dll".

Code Snippet:

using (Hunspell hunspell = new Hunspell("en_us.aff", "en_us.dic")) 
        bool correct = hunspell.Spell("Recommendation"); 
        var suggestions = hunspell.Suggest("Recommendation"); 
        foreach (string suggestion in suggestions) 
            Console.WriteLine("Suggestion is: " + suggestion); 

    // Hyphen 
    using (Hyphen hyphen = new Hyphen("hyph_en_us.dic")) 
        var hyphenated = hyphen.Hyphenate("Recommendation"); 

    using (MyThes thes = new MyThes("th_en_us_new.idx", "th_en_us_new.dat")) 
        using (Hunspell hunspell = new Hunspell("en_us.aff", "en_us.dic")) 
            ThesResult tr = thes.Lookup("cars", hunspell); 
            foreach (ThesMeaning meaning in tr.Meanings) 
                Console.WriteLine("  Meaning: " + meaning.Description); 
                foreach (string synonym in meaning.Synonyms) 
                    Console.WriteLine("    Synonym: " + synonym); 


I have made a reference to Hunspell.dll in the project. What's going wrong?

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You need to include the native Hunspellx86.dll next to the the managed NHunspell.dll.

I did the following way:

  1. Referenced NHunspell.
  2. set the Copy Local property
  3. Include the NHunspellx86.dll to my project
  4. Set "Copy to output directory" property "copy if newer".

This ensures that the native Hunspell.dll will be in place.

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This is only a useful solution in the situation where it is verified that the NHunspellx** DLL is not in the correct place (in the bin folder). In my case, the DLL is definitely in place correctly. – Lisa Oct 21 '11 at 6:39

I have replicated this error in two different scenarios using NHunspell v 0.9.4. It appears that NHunspell shows this error message for a range of issues which could occur during the process of loading the relevant unmanaged Hunspellx**.dll.

The first cause I found was if the particular IIS app pool running my webapp did not have 32-bit applications enabled. This, of course, is only relevant if you're running your 32-bit webapp on a 64-bit machine.

The second cause I found was if the IIS process user did not have appropriate permissions to read the folder containing Hunspellx**.dll. The IIS users (group called something like MACHINENAME\IIS_IUSRS) must have permission to read and execute every file in the webapp execution directory (and bin subfolder).

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Thanks for tips - Had the same issue, but the IIS process needs read access to the directory. However, changing 32bit webapps enabled did not resolve the problem for us. – leon Apr 23 '13 at 16:40

Ensure the Copy local setting is set to "Copy always" when you right click the NHunspell.DLL in Solution Explorer.

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I had this issue in a production environment when the version of the unmanaged DLLs was slightly older than the version the ASP.Net project was built against.

Specifically FusLogVw showed:

LOG: Assembly download was successful. Attempting setup of file: C:\ThePath\Hunspellx64.dll
LOG: Entering download cache setup phase.
ERR: Error extracting manifest import from file (hr = 0x80131018).
ERR: Setup failed with hr = 0x80131018.
ERR: Failed to complete setup of assembly (hr = 0x80131018). Probing terminated.

Updating to the correct version of the unmanaged DLLs resolved the issue.

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