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I have MyWindow class which popus a blank window, which accepts a mouse click, I need to unit test the mouse click event

Code snippet:
void TestGui::testGUI_data()

Mywindow  mywindow;
QSize editWidgetSize = mywindow.size();
QPoint clickPoint(editWidgetSize.rwidth()-2, editWidgetSize.rheight()-2);

QTestEventList events, expected ;
events.addMouseClick( Qt::LeftButton, 0, clickPoint);
expected.addMouseClick( Qt::LeftButton, 0, clickPoint);
QTest::newRow("mouseclick") << events << expected ;

void TestGui::testGUI()
QFETCH(QTestEventList, events);
QFETCH(QTestEventList, expected);

Mywindow mywindow;

QCOMPARE(events, expected); } // prints FAIL!  : TestGui::testGUI(mouseclick) Compared values are not the same

How to test the mouse click on mywindow. is there any beeter approach to unit test mouse events?

Thanks, vels

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Take a look on QTest namespace documentation. There is QTest::mouseClick function which allows you to emulate mouse click on the given position of your widget (there is even no necessity to show the widget).

As far as I remember QCOMPARE uses "operator==" for the arguments given and if it returns false then it tries to print it using "QTest::toString<T>(const T& t)" function. If there is no implementation for a type of QCOMPARE arguments then it will just print that values are different. Again take a look on the QTest namespace documentation for details how to reimplement "QTest::toString<T> (const T& t)" for the type you need.

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