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Has anybody upgraded the code of generic tcp server application provided by Microchip to SSL?

I added new listener port to existing server socket. But then also its not TCPPutIsReady state. When I tried to connect through ssh client Tera Term its asking for username and password. But does it required for client to provide username and password?

I a bit new to SSL. So please let me know the steps to connect to any ssl server using Tera Term.

Another doubt is that can i use a TCP server socket without using http or ftp or telnet session?

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There is a general TCP server example in the microchip TCP/IP stack package.

While I don't have experience with SSL and Microchip, I suspect you are confusing several things

  • ssl and ssh (or do you use teraterm in tunnel mode?)
  • The various protocols for SSL. TLS is SSH/Lv3, and that is something that underpowered microcontrollers can't do. try to get SSLv1 working first
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The latest version of the TCP/IP Stack (v5.2b) from Microchip has built in support for SSL.

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I have heard that you need to use a third party SSL library for it work.

Take a look here http://www.yassl.com/yaSSL/cyassl-pic32.html

It will get you started !!

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Teraterm supports SSH but not SSL. However you can use TeraTerm by selecting a Telnet connection and using an SSL tunnel to do the handshaking and encrypt/decrypt the data, such as,


Your stunnel.conf file would look something like this,

client = yes
sslVersion = SSLv3

accept =
connect =

Where the accept is the IP:port no. that TeraTerm connects to and connect is the IP:port no. of your Microchip SSL server.

This worked for me using the Microchip MLA v2013-06-15.

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