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I upgraded from SQl server 05 to 08 and had a few issues. After uninstalling 05 and a few restarts later 08 installed okay, but now I don't have any SQL Server services running.

I can't connect to (local)\SQLExpress or .\SQLEXPRESS via SQL Server management studio and the SQL Server services dialog shows no services. There's no add button anywhere there, so how do I add a new service?

Do I have do this programmatically or something?

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I've had similar issues and the solution we used was to reinstall SQL server 2008 and at the point where it asks you for default instance or named instance, used a named instance and continue on.

This does not affect any currently installed instances but creates a new instance of the name supplied and then from there on should be usable.

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If it's an instance you want to create you might wanna have a look at this question - it might work the same way

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it worked for me. thanks Johnldol. – crsuarezf Dec 23 '10 at 14:41
glad to hear man - here to help (and get help) – JohnIdol Dec 23 '10 at 15:25

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