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Following the release of SharePoint 2010, there has been renewed interest in using PowerShell to manage SharePoint solutions. I'm interested in finding out how my peers are currently using PowerShell with SharePoint, either 2007 or 2010.

For example, I use a PowerShell script to determine the number of sites, sub-sites and pages that have been created in specific web applications. Can you provide details of how you make use of PowerShell?

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We're developing some custom SP2010 software. We're using Powershell cmdlets to install and upgrade builds on our test machines, as well as do some initial configuration tasks such as deploying features to certain webs, and creating service apps & service app proxies.

Unfortunately the cmdlets don't seem to play well with PSRemoting, which makes automated build & deploy trickier.

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We tried to use powershell... but it's too stressful, see here: Clear PowerShell Sharepoint Cache? now we are back on stsadm and we hope, that MS will not kill it in next version :-)

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I use PowerShell for installation and debugging purposes. I'm surprised that you haven't used Powershell with SharePoint 2010.

I write quite a few scripts for deploying and managing many solutions. For Example, Every time we deploy our PerformancePoint dashboards, it removes the top the global navigation. I use a Powershell script to re-insert the global navigation based on a XML File that I have created.

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