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I have some problem in drupal registration page.

  1. I want to change whole user registration page. in registration module i want to add new field type. Bcz i want that user can choose the date from date-time picker. I have ready date-time picker which i have implement, but i don't know where to put that code.

  2. I want to add validation on new added text fields. Means i have added one text field for Phone no, so now i want to check if user had only entered the new user registration page.

Thanks in advance


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You may also be interested in the Content Profile module, which allows you to use Nodes and CCK for user information. – gapple Apr 27 '10 at 20:35
You may also be interested in the core Profile module. try it. – barraponto Apr 28 '10 at 21:59
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If you want to alter the way user registration works, you can do it with hook_form_alter on the registration form.

With the date module, you can insert a form field that has a jQuery popup date picker.

The $form['#validate'] is an array of validation functions to call, you can add your own to the list to run your own validation.

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