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template< class Type >

class cStack
    Type *m_array;
    int m_Top;
    int m_Size;

       cStack(const Type&);
       cStack(const cStack<Type> &);
       bool Is_Full();
       bool Is_Empty();
       void InsertValue(const Type&);
       void RemeoveValue();

template< class Type >
class Smartpointer
    cStack<Type> *sPtr;
public: Smartpointer();
        Smartpointer(const Type&);
        Type* operator->();
        Type& operator*();

int main()
{ Smartpointer<int> sptr(1);
sptr->InsertValue(2);//its not calling insertvalue


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An int does not have a method called InsertValue. May-be you wanted to use a SmartPointer<cStack<int> >?

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I was looking at wondering if it would even compile.. –  Brendan Long Apr 27 '10 at 7:50

Your operator->() returns a Type*, not a cStack. If you want to be calling InsertValue, a pointer to Type is not what you want.

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