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SQL Server Profiler displays a live stream of commands being executed against a SQL server instance. What are the APIs used to capture this data?

Background: I need to write a small utility (in C++) which tracks the SQL commands being issued by a separate application.

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Here on the API Development Team Blog is a quick C# (should be easy to convert to c++) program which connects to SQL Server and shows the text of all starting batches in real time as the requests are coming to SQL Server.

e.g. Code snippet from link

Console.WriteLine("Event : " + trace["EventClass"]);
Console.WriteLine("SPID  : " + trace["SPID"]);
Console.WriteLine("Login : " + trace["SessionLoginName"]);
Console.WriteLine("Object: " + trace["ObjectName"]);
Console.WriteLine("Text  : " + trace["TextData"]);

As Alex mentioned, you will need to use the TraceServer API.

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This blog explains about Trae Management Object (TMO) and how to use it.

A handy profiler tool using this TMO can be found at HERE

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I don't know if this is how Profiler does it, but they are exposed via the TraceServer API.

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