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I am developing a ff extension. On one menupopup, the onpopupshowing calls a javascript function. Tha JS function extracts a list of names. Now these names have to be displayed in the same popup.

How can i get this? Basically i will need to pass the data (just as we use beans in java) to the browser from the JS function. The data can change everytime the popup is called.

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You need to modify the DOM rapresenting your menupopup. For example:

  <menupopup id="myMenuPopup">
    <menuitem id="firstItem" label="Mozilla" value=""/>
    <menuitem id="secondItem" label="Slashdot" value=""/>
    <menuitem id="thirdItem" label="Sourceforge" value=""/>

Now if you want to add another item:

var myMenuPopup = document.getElementById("myMenuPopup");
var newItem = document.createElement("menuitem");
newItem.setAttribute("id", "anotherItem");

If you want to remove an item:

var itemToRemove = myMenuPopup.getElementById("anotherItem");

Here you can find much more:


I assume thet your function returns an array of names:

var nameLists = yourFunction();

for (var i=0; i<nameList.length; i++){
  var newItem = document.createElement("menuitem");
  newItem.setAttribute("label", nameList[i]);
  newItem.setAttribute("id", "item" + i);

I think is better if you call the function that make items before user click on menupopup, not on the event invocation, because if you have many items it may takes a little to construct the items list.

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hey kucebe, thanks for the help. it works now. so far so good. Now I need to have the click functionality too on these newly added menuitems. putting the atttribute and forming the function is easy. I can have a function to be run when they are clicked. But i need to pass namelist[i] to the function and it will act according to the namelist parameter.If i do: newItem.setAttribute("oncommand" , finalclick(namelist[m])); it runs the function everytime the popup opens runs the function without even clicking on it – encryptor Apr 29 '10 at 10:25
on the other hand if i do newItem.setAttribute("oncommand" , "finalclick(namelist[m])"); it doesnot open even on clicking giving error : namelist is not defined. – encryptor Apr 29 '10 at 10:26
I think would be better if you make your event listener like this: newItem.oncommand = function(){ finalclick(namelist[m]); } – Manuel Bitto Apr 29 '10 at 11:24
after making this menupopup, each menu item also needs to have a popup... as in each newItem needs to have another popup. how can i get that? [i have posted a question for the same]… – encryptor May 6 '10 at 11:45

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