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I basically want to use the XML parser from Qt in my existing project. I have only used Qt once before, and that was with Qt Designer, and I am not having much luck finding anything on Google about how to just use the XML library.

I have downloaded a web page that has one large list, and I want to parse it and add each list item to a c++ list. I found this sample code on Ubuntu forums...


I want to use that except I need to know what exactly I need to add to the project to get access to it.

One other small question is QDomDocument seems to be for files (makes sense) but I have the XML in a string. What part of the XML library works for contents of a string?

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The following code should give you a quick view of what to do with Qt XML features for what you need.

#include <list>
#include <QDomDocument>
#include <QFile>

int main()
    QString filename("myfile.xml");
    std::list<QString> result;
    int errorLine, errorColumn;
    QString errorMsg;
    QFile modelFile(filename);
    QDomDocument document;
    if (!document.setContent(&modelFile, &errorMsg, &errorLine, &errorColumn))
            QString error("Syntax error line %1, column %2:\n%3");
            error = error
            return false;
    QDomElement rootElement = document.firstChild().toElement();
    for(QDomNode node = rootElement.firstChild();
        !node .isNull();
        node = node .nextSibling())
        QDomElement element = node.toElement();
    return 0;

UPDATE I believe you only need core Qt library as well as XML library.

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Awesome, thank you! –  David Powers Apr 27 '10 at 9:50
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You have to add QtXml in the .pro file and include QDomDocument

or only include QDomDocument like

include <QtXml/QDomDocument>
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What project level includes/libs do I need to just use QDomDocument? The example projects I looked at seemed to include everything, so I am not sure what I can leave out. –  David Powers Apr 27 '10 at 9:39
I show you how to use one of the type (here QDomDocument). In the example you provide, you may have to do the same for QDomNodeList and QDomElement if not include by QDomDocument –  Patrice Bernassola Apr 27 '10 at 9:52
add to .pro file: QT += xml –  RED SOFT ADAIR Apr 11 '13 at 14:10
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