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I have a menu in jQuery when you click on a link it opens up, but I want it so when you click somewhere else, anywhere else that is not the menu, it becomes hidden.

At the moment I'm binding a click event to


But this seems like I'm binding a click event to the entire minus the menu, is there a more efficient way of doing something like this?

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The best way to do this is with bubbling capture, like this:

$(document).click(function() {
   //close menu

$("#the_menu").click(function(e) {

How this works is every click bubbles (unless you stop it, usually by return false; or event.stopPopagation()), so whatever you click bubbles all the way up to DOM...if a click does that, we close the menu. If it came from inside the menu, we stop the the click doesn't bubble up, triggering a close. This approach uses only 2 event handlers instead of 1 on everything but the menu, so very lightweight :)

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Woops had "Propogation" in there, fixed – Nick Craver Apr 27 '10 at 11:50
Wow, that's cool. Cheers. Need to check the event bubbling on all the browsers though, you know what there like. Have a bicky. – Smickie Apr 27 '10 at 12:46
@Smickie - Luckily, jQuery normalizes the bubbling very well (with a few exceptions) so click works consistently. The big one to watch out for is change not bubbling correctly in IE, making .live("change",..) problematic. – Nick Craver Apr 27 '10 at 12:48

Attach event to document's body ($(body)). Also attach another event to #the_menu that's block event propagation:

$(document.body).click(function() {
     //close menu if opened

$("#the_menu").click(function(e) {
     //code heere

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How about binding the menu display to hovering over the element in which it is contained?

    function() { //!! on hovering in
        $("#targetId").attr("display","block") ;
    } ,
    function() { //!! on hovering out
        $("#targetId").attr("display","none") ;
) ;

If it fits your goal, this seems easier to maintain.

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