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How do I catch a PHP Fatal Error

I have this line of PHP code:


And it stops script execution with:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function

I tried using set_error_handler and it does help for warning type of errors. But not for fatal errors. As I understand it from various threads on internet it should be possible to handle by set_error_handler, but I cannot make it work.

Can you please post working example?

Note: The code above is only an example. I don't need to detect that function exists. I am setting up general application error catcher.

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Fatal errors cannot be catched.

Although not an answer to your question; if you have reasons to believe that function might not be aroudn in all cases, check with function_exists();

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$functionExists = function_exists("thisFunctionDoesNotExist");


Takes a string which is your function and returns true or false

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