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i have a table in my mysql database named (names) now everyone can save their real names

now i want to query this table and find out how many times these names used

forexample the output should be :

Jakob (20) Jenny (17)

now this is my own code :

    list($usernames) =mysql_fetch_row(mysql_query('SELECT name FROM table_user GROUP BY name ORDER BY COUNT(name) DESC LIMIT 50 '));
    list($c) =mysql_num_rows(mysql_query('SELECT COUNT(name) FROM table_user GROUP BY name '));

    print $usernames.'('.$c.')'

is this a correct approach ?!

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Why are u using DESC LIMIT 50? – Mohit Jain Apr 27 '10 at 12:21
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You can use one select query for this:

$sel_query=mysql_query("SELECT COUNT(name) AS nums, name FROM table_user GROUP BY name");

For outputting, you can use something like this:

   echo $fetch['name']."( ".$fetch['nums']." ) ";
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