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I know I can copy all my MySQL code manually to files and then put those files into source control. But is there any way to do this automatically?

I would like to do this to stored procedures, but also to table/event/trigger creation scripts.

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You can create triggers on data change, which would store the change automatically to some source control. However there is no automatic way to track structure changes (tables, stored procedures and so on) this way. So probably the best way is to dump database and store these dumps in source control. You can do this periodically to automate the things.

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I don't know if you understood me. I am talking about the MySQL code only, not about the data. The database dump also exports the scripts I want, so I think it could work if I find a way to export only the scripts. –  Jader Dias Apr 27 '10 at 12:32
So you want to export just the stored procedures/triggers? Then mysqldump --routines --no-create-info --no-data --no-create-db --skip-opt DATABASE is the right command for you. –  Michal Čihař Apr 27 '10 at 12:34
I am using your solution. Thanks –  Jader Dias Apr 27 '10 at 12:59

Don't really understand what you'r trying to do.

Look at Liquibase, perhaps it will do what you need...

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Based on Michal answer, the solution I am using so far is:

rm -f "$BACKUP_PATH/*.sql"
mysqldump -p$PASSWORD --routines --skip-dump-date --no-create-info --no-data --skip-opt $DATABASE > $BACKUP_PATH/$DATABASE.sql
mysqldump -p$PASSWORD --tab=$BACKUP_PATH --skip-dump-date --no-data --skip-opt $DATABASE
hg commit -Am "automatic commit" $BACKUP_PATH
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