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I need to rotate a table clockwise up to 90 degrees. It's one of the blocks of a FlowDocument. Is there a way to apply some kind of rotation to a Table?
The possible solution of creating TextEffect like this:

var table = new Table();   
 ... // fill the table here
var effect = new TextEffect  
                     Transform = new RotationTransform(90),
                     PositionStart = 0,
                     PositionCount = int.MaxValue
table.TextEffects = new TextEffectCollection();

doesn't work.

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Solved like this:
Instead of rotating table, put it into container and perform rotation on it.

var container = new BlockUIContainer
                              Padding = new System.Windows.Thickness(0),
                              Margin = new System.Windows.Thickness(0) 
var scrollViewer = new FlowDocumentScrollViewer
                           VerticalScrollBarVisibility = ScrollBarVisibility.Hidden,
                           LayoutTransform = new RotateTransform(90)
container.Child = scrollViewer;
var tableDocument = new FlowDocument { PagePadding = new System.Windows.Thickness(0) };
// here the table is created
var table = operationStagesControl2.ConvertToXaml();
// adding table to document
// hosting scroll viewer gets document
scrollViewer.Document = tableDocument;
// and in the end we have container with rotated table inside it
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