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Is it true that Visual Studio 2010 has now COBOL compiler inside?

I saw this in one article.

I also saw a video of it.

The question is, where can I find it? I've been searching VS2010 and still, no clues.

Thanks for answering.

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I should start by pointing out that I work for Micro Focus and I'm responsible for the COBOL products so you could say I have a vested interest!

Micro Focus has had a COBOL for Visual Studio and supported managed .NET code since VS 2005 and .NET v1. The current product is called "Net Express with .NET" (OK, I know it's not a great name!). We've had a freely downloadable version for personal use but we've had to update it recently and the downloads have been suspended - should be back soon.

We've just announced our new Visual COBOL which is built on Visual Studio 2010. This is a really major update for our technology. Amongst other things, we had a review of the COBOL language to slim it down and make it much easier to use for .NET programming. Talking to some C# programmers recently they quickly understood the COBOL and could start working on the code with very little assistance. I'd better stop the promotion stuff! If you want more information, take a look at

A few other really useful sources of information if you're interested in COBOL with VS or .NET:

- CSharpCorner

- Code Project

In either site, just do a search for COBOL.

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@Sir Mark: thanks for this! – abramlimpin Apr 29 '10 at 12:36
AB Krishna asks: "For single user what would be the cost for Visual Cobol for Visual Studio? Thanks - AB" (posted as an answer because he doesn't have enough rep to post comments). – Keith Thompson Aug 2 '13 at 20:00

There doesn't come a COBOL compiler with Visual Studio. It's probably just that it's installed on the lab computers where you found that page.1 There is COBOL for .NET however and they talk about Visual Studio integration there too. It may be that there are others that integrate into VS too.

1 Similarly I don't assume that Windows comes with an Eiffel IDE, just because it's installed on our university's computers.

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COBOL is not part of VS but included through an add-on. The install instructions can be found on the site you referenced at

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You need to have Micro Focus Visual COBOL. It adds those project types to the visual studio IDE.

Here is Another link to their products.

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The Visual COBOL community is working on a Google 'knol' as a community web site about visual studio cobol. Please let us know if it can be improved, what other information you might want etc:

Thanks - AJ

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