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Hey Guys, this sounds a bit stupid, but i try for several days now to get autocomplete working. i have a clean install of pdt and one with plugins like aptana and subversion, but none works with autocomplete. what do i have to do that i get a list with all functions, variables, etc beginning with "str" for example when i type "str"? Do i need some shortcut for this? In Netbeans it is working without shortcuts...and this video looks like its working in eclipse too. link text

Thanks for any hints and help ;) Regards

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For me, when using PDT, when I begin to type a variable, I can do Ctrl-space and I get a list of matching defined variables in my code. I believe you can get the list automatically. If you go Window » Preferences, then find PHP in the left column. Expand PHP, expand Editor, and select Code Assist. I believe Auto Activation is the option to pop up the autocomplete automatically.

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thanks for your reply, i just found the solution myself...i did exact the same like you said. ;) –  Abenil Apr 27 '10 at 16:01

I tried to follow the accepted answer with no use. Then I found answer to this question in another SO thread. Basically all you need to do is right click on the project and go to Configure > Add PHP support. If that option is grayed out then you already marked project as the PDT project.

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hint: check General > Editors > File Associations > .php (.phtml,...) if default editor is "PHP Editor"

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ok, i found the solution now. if anyone else has same problems here is the way: go to window->preferences->PHP->Editor->Code Assist

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