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I would like to make a directory of my branch into a seperate repository. bzr split <dir> looks like the coomand but I get

    bzr: ERROR: To use this feature you must upgrade your branch at file:///C:/blahblah/ to a format which supports rich roots.

What does that mean

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The current trunk that you're using (at C:\blahblah) does not support rich roots (older versions of Bazaar use pack-0.92 by default, which apparently is not rich-root compatible).

You need to use bzr upgrade to upgrade your branch, as the error message says. A couple of the possible arguments to bzr upgrade include:

  • --rich-root
  • --rich-root-pack
  • --1.9-rich-root

Try bzr help upgrade for more details, or see Bazaar's page on upgrading branches.

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The recommended rich-root formats today are: --rich-root-pack (supported in bzr 1.0 and up), --1.9-rich-root (supported in bzr 1.9 and up), --1.14-rich-root (supported in bzr 1.14 and up) and the latest one 2a (supported in bzr 1.18 and up). It's recommended to use the latest format supported among all your installed bzr versions. –  bialix Apr 28 '10 at 12:32

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