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I have an ajax form that saves a object in the database then return a Message like this:

return Json(new {Message = "Message!"},

We are ok here, but I don't know HOW I'll get this result in the view to display in a jQuery modal. My ajax form is like the following and I want to get the result on the OnSuccess method:

<%using (Ajax.BeginForm("Form", "Controller", new AjaxOptions() {  OnSuccess = "MethodThatIWantToGetTheJson" }))%>

Any ideas?

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Try this (taken from

<%using (Ajax.BeginForm("Form", "Controller", new AjaxOptions() { OnComplete = "MethodThatIWantToGetTheJson" }))

<script type='text/javascript'>
    function MethodThatIWantToGetTheJson(content) {
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I did not saw this another question, but that was VERY helpful! Thanks! – Diego Correa Apr 27 '10 at 18:29

I'll use a jQuery example, because that's how I normally request anything using ASP.NET MVC. If we set up the ajax request, we get the response back as json.

   url: 'Controller\Action\',
   type: 'POST',
   dataType: 'json'
   success: function(data, status)
        // data will be your json result

You could then just put that into some kind of jQuery logic like so:

var message = $('<span/>');
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