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I'm working on a web page which will display information updated periodically via javascript. I want to have it displayed in a Solari Board, complete with the flipping tiles animation. Is there an existing Flash or Javascript implementation I can use?

the real thing

Here's my super-lousy javascript test for one letter. The solution should take a string and figure out how to flip the existing letters to update it. On a real board they all start at once and each stop after the number of flips needed.

My demo

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I assume from the picture you used that you've seen this?


Maybe good for anyone else who is looking though.

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I found this other question here on Stack Overflow.

That led me to this example.

I think that person has worked out all the "nitty gritty" of doing the flip animation. That should be all you need to put together a working Solari board.

good luck.

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