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I know that the following is not allowed as a row filter

'canada%.txt' or 'canada*.txt'

and I guess I can rewrite my filter as

file_name like 'Canada%' and file_name like '%.txt' 

should work.

But is there an easier way instead of determing where the % is and spliting the string?

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I don't believe that CHARINDEX is allowed in the filter expression.

You might try to dynamically build the filter string from C# (very much untested, but here's a possible syntax):

//split the original string using the wildcard as the delimiter
string[] f = s.Split('%');

//use the resulting array to build the resultstring
string resultstring = 'file_name like "' + f[0] + '%" and file_name like "%' + f[1] + '"'

//view.RowFilter = resultstring;
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I think I forgot to escape some quotes there, but hopefully you get the idea...and hopefully it works for you... – LesterDove Apr 27 '10 at 18:21
This is what I am doing right now with a function splitting by * or % and rebuilding it. I just wondered if there was a cool linq function that could be applied to the table. – Mike Apr 27 '10 at 18:37

Here is the solution that I came up with

    private string CreateRowFilter(string remoteFilePattern)
        string[] pattern = remoteFilePattern.Split(new char[] { '*', '%' });
        int length = pattern.GetUpperBound(0);

        if (length == 0)
            return String.Format("Name = '{0}'", pattern[0]);


        StringBuilder fileter = new StringBuilder(
                 String.Format("Name LIKE '{0}*' ", pattern[0]));

        for (int segment = 1; segment < length; segment++)
                 String.Format("AND Name LIKE '*{0}*' ", pattern[segment]));

        if(String.IsNullOrEmpty(pattern[length]) == false)
                 String.Format("AND Name LIKE '*{0}' ", pattern[length]));

        return fileter.ToString();
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