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I am getting the compiler error. Can anybody debug this?

import javax.mail.*;
import javax.mail.internet.*;
import java.util.*;
public class SendMail
  public static void main(String [] args)
    SendMail sm=new SendMail();

public void postMail( String recipients[ ], String subject, String message , String from) throws MessagingException
    boolean debug = false;

     //Set the host smtp address
     Properties props = new Properties();
     props.put("mail.smtp.host", "webmail.emailmyname.com");

    // create some properties and get the default Session
    Session session = Session.getDefaultInstance(props, null);

    // create a message
    Message msg = new MimeMessage(session);

    // set the from and to address
    InternetAddress addressFrom = new InternetAddress(from);

    InternetAddress[] addressTo = new InternetAddress[recipients.length]; 
    for (int i = 0; i < recipients.length; i++)
        addressTo[i] = new InternetAddress(recipients[i]);
    msg.setRecipients(Message.RecipientType.TO, addressTo);

    // Optional : You can also set your custom headers in the Email if you Want
    msg.addHeader("MyHeaderName", "myHeaderValue");

    // Setting the Subject and Content Type
    msg.setContent(message, "text/plain");
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What compiler Error ? –  Michael B. Apr 27 '10 at 18:17
Welcome to SO, javacode! Could you be more specific about what compiler error you're getting, and where it occurs? –  Pops Apr 27 '10 at 18:18
Heh, I was able to debug the code block formatting, at least :) –  Carl Smotricz Apr 27 '10 at 18:20
Could be the classpath is missing required jars, e.g., javamail.jar and java activation framework jar –  Ron Apr 27 '10 at 18:23
Have you done any troubleshooting? Debugging? Are you running this in an IDE? I'd recommend editing your question to add more information. –  Feanor Apr 27 '10 at 18:51

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Your postMail function is expecting the first parameter, recipients to be an array of Strings, but in your main method you are passing a String literal. The compiler is telling you that it's unable to find a version of the postMail method that matches a parameter-list like (String, String, String, String).

Try calling it like this instead:

sm.postMail(new String[]{"abc@yahoo.com"},"hi","hello","xyz@gmail.com");

Another idea would be to make an overloaded version of your postMail method if this is something you intend to do often.

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Note that you'll have to handle the MessagingException around the call to postMail() after doing this. –  Pops Apr 27 '10 at 18:38

Make sure that you've included mail.jar and activation.jar to your classpath.

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I have included both in classpath –  user327136 Apr 27 '10 at 19:12

You must specify the main class in the manifest file.

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