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Looking to control iTunes on home network from other computers. This client should work on Windows XP, and be able to control iTunes running on XP or Vista.

My initial searches at Google only turned up projects from 3+ years ago. And I'm not really sure which method is the best.


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Check out iTunes COM for Windows SDK:


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I didn't even think about looking for the SDK. Now, I can roll my own lightweight Python based web server hooking into iTunes for all my remote control needs! –  taudep Nov 7 '08 at 15:53

Get something like a Harmony remote. This new model is expensive, but if you hunt around you can find older editions for closer to $50.

Also, I'm pretty lenient about this kind of thing, but I'll be surprised if the question isn't closed soon as "not programming related". You may want to edit it to make it more on-topic: perhaps ask about an iTunes SDK for building your own.

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