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I was trying to find a user friendly mime parser for java that could just get rid of all that message part parsing a user have to do. see this for more info about my requirement.

Until now i have not been able to find one, so i think i need to write one for myself, that should be robust enough to handle all kind of emails. (I know this is not going to be easy.)

Since there are a ton of email RFC's , can somebody guide me in the right direction from where should i start.

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Download the JavaMail add on and use classes like MimeUtilty.

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thanks for the suggestion, now i am facing problem in recreating mails sent from iphone, the mail headers have "X-Mailer: iPhone Mail (7D11)" , can anybody tell me what custom logic i need to put to account for mails sent via iphones. – Ashish Sharma May 2 '10 at 18:07

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