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I want to draw some 3D network diagrams in a web browser, and the data for these diagrams are in a Rails app (in the database).

I already use flotomatic as a Rails interface for pretty Javascript plots (e.g., independent variable, dependent variable). Certainly there are packages for drawing simple things in Javascript.

What I'm looking for is (a) a Javascript package for 3D drawings that are displayed in a web browser (without a plugin), and (b) a Ruby API for that package, if possible.

Any recommendations? Many thanks!

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What kind of 3D drawings are you talking about? – Henrik Hansen Apr 27 '10 at 20:33
Pretty basic stuff. Lines, maybe primitives, doesn't really need shading. It's for network diagrams. – Dr. Johnny Mohawk Apr 29 '10 at 23:32

I haven't found a definitive answer, but something like this might be useful:

In short, processing has been ported to javascript and makes use of the HTML5 canvas element.

Processing.js does not yet support 3D (as canvas doesn't support it due to lack of acceleration), but it shouldn't be a big deal to create a wireframe.

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