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We are moving our SL3 app to SL4. First step was to open it in VS2010; it converted w/o problem.
However, parameters specified for the start page are not passed along.
That is, if we specify


in app.xaml.cs, Application_Startup(), e.InitParams is empty.

How do we fix this? Thanks for any advice....
(Note that the very same startup string worked in VS2008.)

Urrk. This works, but it doesn't seem right:

        // Get settings passed in from the page
        if (e.InitParams.Count > 0 )
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The reason it works is that you have your params in the QueryString and not as InitParams as you might think.

InitParams covers a tag in the Silverlight object in HTML

Actually this link is a better example how to :)

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It looks like it should be supported:

from that page:


Supported in: 4, 3

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It appears the InitParams collection isn't getting populated correctly (populated at all). – Number8 Apr 27 '10 at 20:32

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