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Is there a way to easily duplicate a SharePoint list code wise?

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Judging from the SharePoint tag, I'm assuming you meant to ask "How do I copy a SharePoint list (SPList) programmatically?"
Without testing it (or even trying to compile it), I would do something like:

SPWeb web; /* add code to initialize to current web */
SPList sourceList = web.Lists["nameOfSourceList"];
sourceList.SaveAsTemplate("templateFNM.stp", "tempList", "tempListDescription", 
                          true /* include list content */);
SPListTemplate template = web.ListTemplates["tempList"];
web.Lists.Add("newListName", "newListDescription", template);
SPList newList = web.Lists["newListName"];

Also, here's a link to a blog post that achieves the same accross web applications.

And finally a word of advice: you'll get better search results if you use "programmatically" instead of "code wise".

Hope this helps.

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