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This function exists on OS X and allows you to pass custom local to the function. setlocale is not thread-safe, and passing locale as parameter is.

If there is no equivalent, any way of locale-independent printf, or printf just for doubles (%g) will be ok.

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You might try uselocale, which sets the thread locale (rather than the process locale) before calling printf.

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Not perfect, but works. If anyone else has better answer, go ahead. –  Paweł Hajdan Nov 7 '08 at 16:29
@Sunlight: I think you should amplify your answer a little - but I think you're probably right. @phjr: the BSD/MacOS X solution with printf_l() is arguably tidier, but the uselocale() should work. –  Jonathan Leffler Nov 7 '08 at 17:17
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There are locale-independent double to string convertion routines at http://www.netlib.org/fp/. String to double conversion is available too. The API is not very nice, but the code works.

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