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I want to explicitly call a view from my controller.

Right now I have:

def some_action
  .. do something ...
  respond_to do |format|

... then it calls my some_action.xml.builder view. How can I call some other view? Is there a parameter in respond_to I'm missing?



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You could do something like the following using render:

respond_to do |format|
    format.html { render :template => "weblog/show" }
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See the Rendering section of the ActionController::Base documentation for the different ways you can control what to render.

You can tell Rails to render a specific view (template) like this:

# Renders the template located in [TEMPLATE_ROOT]/weblog/show.r(html|xml) (in Rails, app/views/weblog/show.erb)
  render :template => "weblog/show"

# Renders the template with a local variable
  render :template => "weblog/show", :locals => {:customer => Customer.new}
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You can also pass :action, or :controller if that's more convenient.

respond_to do |format|
    format.html { render :action => 'show' }
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Or even simpler since Rails > 3.0:

render "edit"
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You can modify the internal lookup_context of the controller by doing this in your controller

before_filter do
  lookup_context.prefixes << 'view_prefix'

and the controller will try to load view/view_prefix/show.html when responding to an show request after looking for all the other view prefixes in the list. The default list is typically application and the name of the current controller.

class MagicController
  before_filter do
    lookup_context.prefixes << 'secondary'

  def show
    # ...

app.get '/magic/1`

This GET request will look for a view in the following order:

  • view/application/show.erb
  • view/magic/show.erb
  • view/secondary/show.erb

and use the first found view.

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