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I have a chart showing bound data as tooltips and it works well. I have added a magnifier(set of behaviors class) that captures a bitmap image at two times scale that shows in a circular area over the hover spot. The tooltip does not display. I have tried a custom tooltip service but cannot bind it to the behaviors. I added the tooltip to the behavior class and got a tooltip and data but could not move it with the magnifier. It just sits in the middle and laughs.

I added a usercontrol "tooltip"-same issues, could not hook it to the magnifier behavior. I know I can probably build a popup, but really wanted to just pass through the bitmap layer with the tootip. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Danny

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Here is the way I made it work- I added a canvas the size of the magnifier to the Grid containing the chart. I added a times two sized bitmap layer that I clipped with an Ellipse, then added a Border to define the outline. Finally I tied the Mouse to the Canvas for movement and made it hittest = true. Works great, the chart sees the mouse and I get a tooltip to go with the magnification.

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