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Working on an iPhone application through a TightVNC connection into a Mac Mini; the control+drag operation in Interface Builder to connect a view element to file owner doesn't work - I don't see the connecting line.

It does work when I connect keyboard, mouse and monitor to the Mini and work on it directly, however it is a lot more convenient for me to run it through a VNC connection. Must be some quirk of the TightVNC connection that is preventing this. I tried different TightVNC settings for the cursor (let server handle it and so on) but no luck.

Is there an alternative to control+drag to hook up outlets?

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You can try right-clicking by holding Control and clicking the element (depending on the keyboard settings, it might be Command click instead), this will show a popup, and then you can drag the circle on the right hand side of the property you want to link up.

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That seems to work - thanks! –  dr3x Apr 30 '10 at 3:31
Dragging views in a storyboard also fails through VNC. Any hint for that? –  Xv. Mar 27 at 22:12
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