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In the config file I have the variable defined as

BackgroundColor = 0,0,0

which should work for the screen.fill settings for Pygame or any color argument for that matter - e.g. where I can just do screen.fill(0,0,0).

I think the problem with this is that for integers read through a configfile I have to put int() to convert the string to an int. For something like colors int doesn't work, and I have no idea what should be used.

The error from Python is.

TypeError: invalid color argument
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You've got a string representing the color, e.g. '0,0,0'. Use split(',') to split it into separate fields, then convert each one.


color = '255, 255, 255'
red, green, blue = color.split(',')
red = int(red)
green = int(green)
blue = int(blue)

Or if you want to do it in one step and the comprehensions don't bother you:

color = '128, 128, 128'
red, green, blue = [int(c) for c in color.split(',')]
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Thanks, thats exactly what I thought, nice to get that second simpler code as well :) – Elvar Apr 28 '10 at 11:28

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