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Is it possible in PHP to unregister a function (or all functions) set up with register_shutdown_function()?

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I do not believe you can. The only way to unregister a callback function is to wrap it in some sort of class that only actually calls it based on certain conditions. Like this handy function wrapper:

class UnregisterableCallback{

    // Store the Callback for Later
    private $callback;

    // Check if the argument is callable, if so store it
    public function __construct($callback)
            $this->callback = $callback;
            throw new InvalidArgumentException("Not a Callback");

    // Check if the argument has been unregistered, if not call it
    public function call()
        if($this->callback == false)
            return false;

        $callback = $this->callback;
        $callback(); // weird PHP bug

    // Unregister the callback
    public function unregister()
        $this->callback = false;

Basic usage:

$callback = new UnregisterableCallback(array($object, "myFunc"));

register_shutdown_function(array($callback, "call"));

To unregister


Now, when called, it will return false and not call your callback function. There might be a few ways to streamline this process, but it works.

One such way of streamlining it would be to put the actual registration of the callback into a method of the callback function, so the outside world does not have to have knowledge that the method you have to pass to register_shutdown_function is "call".

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In PHP 5.3 or later, you could use the magic method "__invoke", so that the object itself can be passed to register_shutdown_function. – Brilliand Jan 4 '14 at 0:51

Another solution similar to Chacha102's, but using a static variable in the shutdown function.

function shutdown() {
//no way to unregister a shutdown function, but calling shutdown('disable') will disable it
 static $disabled = false;
 $args = func_get_args();
 if ($args && $args[0] == 'disable')
   $disabled = true;

 if ($disabled)

 //perform shutdown routine

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Hi I made a slight modification to the way my function worked as follows:

function onDie(){
    global $global_shutdown;

        //do shut down

$global_shutdown = true;

//do code stuff until function no longer needed.

$global_shutdown = false;
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