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So I have a number of namedRanges in an excel worksheet. I would like to use these to fill in comboboxes on a user form in the same WorkBook.

I have tried:

cboMember.DataSource = Globals.Sheet1.MemberRange.Value

No error is given but the combo is blank. Does anybody have any ideas?

I'm trying to use VSTO for VS 2008 on an excel 2003 work book.

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cboMember.RowSource = "NamedRange"

You don't set it to an object. Set it to a string. Excel figures out the rest.

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This is a bit of a guess, but I believe in VBA you can do something like just Range("MyRangeName") to get the named range, so you could try the equivalent of that.

Some ranges in Excel are local to a sheet, some are global to the workbook. If they're local to a sheet then you'll need to prefix with sheet name, e.g. Range("Sheet1!MyRangeName").

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Thanks Rory Globals.Sheet1.MemberRange.Value does return the correct values in an array but I cannot get my combobox to bind to it. I think I will have to loop through this array to assign the values to the combobox individually, something like cboMember.additem Globals.Sheet1.MemberRange.Value[i] But I was thinking there must ba an easier way. –  Dowlers Apr 29 '10 at 20:37
I think you're right that there's an easier way. How about binding a combobox manually then see how it looks when you inspect it with VBA/debugger? –  Rory May 1 '10 at 21:34
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