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I used to do this with bash...

/bin/bash --rcfile /home/sindhu/bin/misc_scripts/shellrc/.bashrc_1

how can I accomplish the same with zsh?

Thank you.z

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is this helps you : 'ivan.fomentgroup.org/blog/2010/01/29/…; – Space Apr 28 '10 at 7:09
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You can approximate that feature by using the ZDOTDIR variable.

In a directory perhaps like this:

mkdir /home/sindhu/bin/misc_scripts/shellrc/.zshrc_1

create a file called .zshrc containing your alternative startup script. Then you can start zsh like this:

ZDOTDIR=/home/sindhu/bin/misc_scripts/shellrc/.zshrc_1 zsh
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zsh now has a --rcs option that is equivalent to the --rcfile option in bash:

zsh --rcs /home/sindhu/bin/misc_scripts/shellrc/.zshrc_1

I'm not sure when exactly this feature made it into zsh but I willll update this answer if and when I find out.

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Write a small wrapper script:

source $1
zsh -f -d

The first line sources your alternative RC file. The second starts a new Z shell without sourcing any other RC files. See zshoptions(1) for the options -d and -f (GLOBAL_RCS, RCS).

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